Calcutta (or more recently known as Kolkata), is a major cultural city of India (located in the state of West Bengal) and has even been given the nickname ‘city of joy.’ Personally, I’ve been hearing about Calcutta since I was a child, and after a brief glimpse at some of the sights that can be enjoyed in this city (both during the day and at night) I’m really not surprised that people have been visiting all year around. India has been a no-brainer destination for most people that come from very affluent nations, considering the very generous currency exchange rate and friendly demeanor of the locals, this is highly typified in those from Calcutta.


This might be my favorite picture of any location in all of Calcutta. Usually I don’t like a picture that’s taken at such a late hour but the lighting that they use on the Victoria Memorial that’s in the picture is just exceptionally beautiful, not to mention the exquisite architecture and the reflection of the lights in the water. © Anil.

As you can see in both of the images above and below, there’s some substantial cultural and historical value to many of the buildings you can find all over Calcutta. For instance, the Victoria Memorial pictured above is also open for tours and functions quite well as a museum. Kolkata was the second British City after London and is often termed as the City of Joy. Kolkata remained an important military port for the British during the World Wars and is the oldest operating sea port in India.


While I might have a bit of a bias when it comes to this building just because of its name, the Writers’ Building has some of the longest standing governmental significance in all of Calcutta. Often referred to simply as the Writers’, this building has been around for nearly two hundred and fifty years, having housed many important heads of local and state government. © Flowcomm.

All things considered, I’m curious to see what sort of marketing campaign will be launched in the future to bolster the tourism market for Calcutta, but I’m also wary of having to dodge through throngs of tourists once the destination gets to be too popular.


Contrary to some of the social stigma I’ve heard about Calcutta, the city is quite metropolitan and has some modern conveniences that I’d like to see outside of India and further abroad. Here we can see one of the ‘mini buses’ that actually travel much faster than the buses I’m used to and they tend to use less gasoline than the enormous gas guzzling behemoths you’re probably used to as well. © Shankar s.