Located at the banks of the Hoogly River, Kolkata is located in the state of West Bengal and is considered to be the Cultural Capital of India. Kolkata, while said to have been inhabited since 2 millennia, was developed as an important port town in India and marked the arrival of the British East India Company. The land was bought by the company in 1698 and marked the development of industrial revolution in India. Established as a British capital, Kolkata was the second British City after London and is often termed as the City of Joy. Kolkata remained an important military port for the British during the World Wars and is the oldest operating sea port in India.


Kolkata being the crux of the British strong hold in India served as its capital till it was re-established in the ancient town of Delhi in the North-Western regions of India. Being exposed to the western culture, led to the development of modern Indian literary and artistic thought and has been the birthplace of 5 Nobel Prize Winners and filmmaker Satyajit Ray being the first Indian to win an Oscar. The adda or club lifestyle originated under the British influence in Kolkata and led to the development in arts and literature in India.


Kolkata was also the crux of the Indian struggle for freedom and several other socio-economic movements which have defined the Indian culture over the centuries. Nevertheless, Kolkata today is one of the most developed cities in India and has been known for its marvelous colonial era architecture. It is also the second largest city in India after Delhi and was the former capital of India. Interestingly, unlike the other regions in India where the sport of Cricket dominates, Kolkata is known for its football fans. Several football clubs like Mohan Bagan F.C., East Bengal F.C. and Mohammedan Sporting Club operate in Kolkata and are associated with the Calcutta Football League which was established in 1898.