Being one of the earliest headquarters during the British Era, Kolkata still retains its old world charm that is reflected in its large number of Clubs. Kolkata is home to many rich and wealthy people comprising of industrialists, entrepreneurs, writer, artists and the likes. The various Clubs of Kolkata cater to their socialistic requirements to bring them to a common platform.
Here is a list of the most prestigious Clubs in Kolkata:

1. Calcutta Club

Located in Lower Circular Road, Calcutta Club is the most prestigious club in Kolkata. The majestic building, dating back to 1907, boasts of a rich and wealthy clientele. The club is a true example of beautiful architecture with its intricately curved pillars and ornate interior decoration that projects a British feel. The place hosts a flurry of activities like talks, debates, quizzes, indoor and outdoor games competition and cultural evenings with music and dance. There are several ball-rooms for the members to host their private parties and get-togethers. The club has a well-stocked bar and two multi-cuisine restaurants serving food at a subsidized rate.

2. Tollygunge Club

Tollygunge Club

Photo by SouthAsiaGolf, CC BY 2.0

Tollygunge club is one of the most famous and top-ranking Clubs in Kolkata. One of the oldest clubs in Kolkata, the Tolly Club as it’s commonly known, was established by Sir William Cruikshank mainly for the purpose of promoting all sports. Spread over 100 acres of land, the club has a Golf course, squash and tennis courts, Bridge and Billiards room and a swimming pool. The club is surrounded by lush greenery dotted with all kinds of rare trees and bushes. The clientele of the club includes big names from the Bengali Film Industry as well as renowned sports-stars, writers, entrepreneurs and industrialists.

3. Royal Calcutta Turf Club

Royal Calcutta Turf Club

Photo by Biswarup Ganguly, CC BY 3.0

Being one of the headquarters of the British Rule in India, Kolkata had the benefit of witnessing and retaining Britain’s love for Horse Racing. The Royal Calcutta Turf Club established in 1847, houses a Race Course complete with a viewing stand. The club hosted the famous Calcutta Derby Sweeps in 1930 that came to be known as the World’s largest sweepstake. Regular Horse Races are held in the club that has a wealthy clientele. Apart from the races, the club also provides grooming and veterinary services and has well maintained stables to house the horses.

4. Calcutta Rowing Club

Calcutta Rowing Club

Photo by Snehalkanodia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Located in Rabindra Sarobar, the Calcutta Rowing Club was established in 1858. However, the club suffered a setback when the boathouse, the boats and the register books were damaged and lost by the huge cyclone of 1864. Since then, the clubhouse was rebuilt and new boats purchased. In 1983, the club became the proud host of the first Annual General Meeting of the Asian Rowing Foundation. In the present day, the flourishing club hosts rowing races and has won an enviable number of prizes and trophies. The clientele of the club includes young aspirants enthusiastic about making it big in the Rowing arena. The club provides regular rowing lessons and also has a bevy of outdoor and indoor games like badminton, table tennis and dart to indulge in.

5. Space Circle Club

The luxurious Space Circle Club located in VIP Road is one of the plush new 21st Century clubs in Kolkata. This privately owned club has a beautiful and spacious interior built with a modern taste and is a complete family club. The club is a true entertainer, enabling its members to chill out with their friends and families during weekends and holidays. Apart from the multi-cuisine restaurant that serves delicious food, there is a coffee shop and a discotheque. Be it Indoor Cricket, a heted swimming pool, bowling alley, tennis court, gymnasium, rock climbing, shooting and roller-skating and a kid’s game zone, the club has it all!

The generous selection of clubs in Kolkata contributes to its lively social scenario and ensures that its wealthy young population has enough to indulge themselves in and stay entertained!