The city of joy will bring nothing but joy to you. From hogging over the Bengali sweets to enjoying the tram rides, you might want to hop in to a club to end your perfect day even more perfectly. Kolkata has a rocking night life and was once the party capital of India. You shall never be bored of the wide variety of night clubs found here. In 2010, a curfew of 11 pm was put on all the clubs but it did not stop people from enjoying their nights to the fullest. However, not many clubs follow the curfew time anymore. Put on your best dress and your most comfortable shoes to go out and make your night a memorable one. If you are here on a vacation, try not to miss all of these spectacular clubs of Kolkata.

1. Someplace Else

Someplace Else
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Someplace else is the lounge of the Park Hotels. The inside of this club is decorated in British style and it has always been Kolkata’s one of the most favorite pubs. The most striking feature of the club is that it is the only place in all of Asia where one can enjoy live music all 365 days. These performances are a part of the disc where people groove to the music. The place has a great crowd and people love their food and drinks. It is open from 4:30 pm to 2 am. The happy hours here start at 4:30 pm and go on till 8:00 pm. You can never go wrong in choosing this pub.

2. Roxy

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The music at Roxy will make you want to dance till you drop! In many people’s opinion, Roxy is Kolkata’s best pub. The young party lovers love to spend the night at this club where the dance floor is huge enough to accommodate a large crowd of people. The place is usually crowded on all days of the week but it is never too crowded. You would always enjoy dancing with this lively crowd. The food and drinks offered here is another reason to visit Roxy. The locals love the bar here. Roxy opens at 5:30 in the evening and shuts down at mid night.

3. Privy Ultra Lounge

Privy Ultra Lounge
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Privy Ultra Lounge adds to the already magnificent mall named Forum. It features an array of cuisines to choose from and everything is as good as the other. It is said that privy has the best bar in all of Kolkata. The hospitality of the place is always spoken highly of and ambiance will make you never want to leave. The happy hours start as soon as the lounge opens, i.e. from 12 noon. It goes on till 5 pm. The lounge is open for twelve hours a day.

4. Pour House

Pour House
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Though a high-end club, the pour house has a serious fan following. People are crazy about their cocktails and many just come here to eat. The dance floor is huge and the ambiance of the club is a perfect blend of sophistication and wildness. You also get the facility of pulling hookahs here – a fashion very prevalent in Kolkata. There is no reason to say no to this club apart from its high prices. Pour House is open for straight twelve hours, starting from 12 noon.

5. Maaya Bar

Maaya Bar
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This bar is located on the 6th floor of the Swiss Hotel. Entering this bar from the hotel is totally like entering a different world altogether. We have heard a number of praises about the bar tender here who is very generous and good at what he does. The best part of this club is the outdoor seating arrangement that helps create a nice environment. The dance floor here never goes empty as the music pulls the party lovers towards it. The club has two hours of happy hours, i.e. from 6 pm to 8 pm. Maaya Bar shuts down at midnight.

Apart from the mentioned bars, you might also want to try out M Bar Kitchen, Beer Republic, Shisha, Tantra, Plush Lounge and Bar, Nocturne, Vault and Urban Desi. Kolkata would definitely satisfy all your party cravings as you have a really wide range of places to choose from.